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Enhanced Patient Comfort

Holds appropriate medical equipment away from the patient avoiding any items being placed on the patients body


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Improved Safety

Medical Equipment is positioned on the platform, away from the patient to avoid any items being knocked or dropped


Time Reduction

The Patient Pump Bridge offers a substantial time saving benefit when moving and transporting patients


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Better Visual Perception

Avoid leads and hoses becoming twisted and unsightly stacking of equipment onto a patients bed with the Patient Pump Bridge


The Patient Pump Bridge has been designed and developed by leading industry experts to revolutionise patient transportation.

Patients undergoing treatment with infusion pumps, syringe drivers and other monitoring equipment are currently left with the medical devices on or around them, creating an unsafe, untidy environment.

The Patient Pump Bridge provides a shelf platform that sits over the patients legs, holding all vital equipment safely and out of the way of the patient. The Bridge also provides a platform to avoid cables becoming tangled.

Transferring patients from trolleys to beds, or from beds to scanning equipment has never been quicker or easier with the Patient Pump Bridge


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ED & Theatre Bridge

ED & Theatre Bridge

Designed for use in ED and Theatre. Incorporates cut outs in sides to accommodate equipment hoses. Strapping to integrate with Wolverson X-Ray Trauma Board. Can be placed on CT Couch.

Width adjustable legs; Designed to take (5) Asena or (4) Fresenius type pumps; Designed to support 1-2 syringe driver pumps +2 other medical devices (for PHNT (1) off Drager delta monitor + Oxylog 3000T); Inward facing feet; 390-524mm wide x 332mm high x 780mm long; Integrated Storage Rail

Imaging Bridge

Shorter in width and lower in height to allow for use with standard scanner aperture (700mm diameter). Width also designed to suit CT Scanner couches.

Fixed width utilising bracing bars which are fixed; Designed to take (5) Asena or (4) Fresenius type pumps; Outward facing feet - can be used with strapping; 406mm wide x 326mm high x 780mm long; Integrated Storage Rail 

ICU Bridge

Designed for use in ICU, this bridge has adjustable legs allowing for the width to be adjusted to accommodate the patient and medical equipment used.

Largest width and length platform available; Width adjustable legs; Designed to take (5+2) Asena or (4+2) Fresenius type pumps Inward facing feet; 470-650mm wide x 362mm high x 850mm long x 700mm leg length; Integrated Storage Rail

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